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Innovator 14.3

Innovator 14.3 was released May 11, 2020.
We’ve summarized the most important new features here for you at a glance.

More Comprehensive Language Support

Multi-language capabilities play a large part in our May 11 Innovator 14.3 release. Innovator now supports all EU languages, including languages of candidate countries within the European Union, as well as Russian and Turkish. It is now possible to depict all modeling content fully in the languages supported. You can also translate created diagrams, names, properties and texts for model elements, modeling profile information and metamodel information into other languages. The original process modeling now also no longer needs to be solely in English or German, as was previously the case. This makes it a cinch supplying models for stakeholders and users in their language of choice; this enables models to be used in a fully international environment.

Innovator 14.3 Comprehensive language support | MID GmbH

Improved Translation Workflow

Innovator’s integrated translation function has been enhanced to make translations even easier to produce and maintain. It is now possible to translate even more elements, such as text properties and specification texts. Translation states are now even easier to maintain, making the whole translation process more manageable for you.

External translations via translation agencies or web services such as DeepL are easier with Innovator 14.3. You can now automatically translate in Innovator’s translation window via a web service, as long as you have the appropriate API access key stored. You can use the import/export function for external translation agencies which do not have access to Innovator. You can export content in various file formats (e.g. Excel, XML, CSV) and reimport them once they have been translated.

More Efficient Enterprise Architecture Modeling

It is now possible to copy parts of the graphic depiction in concept diagrams into another diagram. To do this, simply select the respective node and click on the “Copy representation for another diagram” context menu command. Use the “Paste representation from another diagram” command to add the copied content to another concept diagram. This copies all selected nodes, as well as the edges which run between them and their current coordinates, and pastes them in the new diagram where you position the mouse pointer. Alongside the option of depicting concept relationships in whiteboard diagrams, you can now also easily dissect complex relationships and put them back together in any combination that you like.

Numerous Improvements to Details for Proven Features

This release also brings with it further detail improvements. You can use the “Quick Compare” context menu command to compare a diagram with another version. Thanks to full unicode character set support, it is now possible to depict and edit all diacritical (special) characters in Innovator 14.3. It is now also possible to use the commands in Innovator’s “View>Colors” group for impact analysis. Properties and content tables have also been updated in Innovator. You can now adopt multiple rows of the value selected in the current cell into cells in the same column of the selected rows.

You can find all details about these changes and further changes in our official Innovator 14.3 Release info.