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Innovator 16.0

Innovator 16.0 was released June 19, 2023.
We’ve summarized the most important new features here for you at a glance.

Modification Notifications via E-Mail

You can now activate individual notifications so that you can be sent an e-mail directly to let you know when changes have been made to your model. To do this, select which model you want to get notifications for and set whether you want to get the notifications about it straight away, daily, weekly or monthly. This feature ensures that you never miss any changes made again. Click on the link in the e-mail to take you directly to the model and view the change history. A control mechanism has been added to stop you getting lots of unnecessary notifications (e.g. to say that models have been copied). A new view for notifications exists so you can view and manage your notifications.

Innovator Release June 2023 | Modification Notifications via E-Mail
Innovator Release June 2023 | Add Properties Directly in the Model Editor

Add Properties Directly in the Model Editor

With Innovator 16.0, you can now easily add further information to model elements during modeling. If you have the respective rights, then you can now add additional stereotype properties, labels or text definitions directly via the wizard; this can be started from the Properties area. The wizard contains all common settings necessary for a full complement of properties.

Simpler Migration from Previous Versions

It only takes a couple of clicks to use an existing model in a new Innovator version. It’s a good idea for the modeling profiles and application configurations to be up-to-date to tap into the full potential of the new version. This step used to take a bit of time in the previous versions and was best carried out by model administrators. Innovator 16.0 now comes with a dialog to help you with updating profiles and application configurations in just a few simple clicks. This also ensures that any customizations made to the modeling methodology are not lost. This new feature also helps you to make smaller updates, such as adding hotfixes.

Innovator Release June 2023 | Simpler Migration from Previous Versions
Innovator Release June 2023 | Increased Performance in Distributed Environments

Increased Performance in Distributed Environments

Many Innovator features have been analyzed and optimized to increase performance and use within distributed environments (e.g.working from home).
We have improved analysis/tracing functions so that bottlenecks can be determined for tricky scenarios.

Here is an extract of improved functions:

  • Exports
    • Excel, process map, DMN, ArchiMate®, …
    • Increased use of compiled accesses
    • e.g. Bpanda export can also profit from this.
  • Search
  • No need for restarting client after loss of connection
  • Splash screen loads quicker
  • Local cache mechanism for icons
  • Quicker “Contents as Table” as hidden columns are no longer calculated

Further Detail Improvements

With Innovator 16.0, you can now search your texts within the model and easily replace words. This makes it super easy to maintain common words as terms in the glossary and establish a clear and collective understanding of terms within the company.

You can now specify hyphenation for all models directly in the diagram and centrally in the administration program so that special terms are not incorrectly split in your diagrams. This makes sure your diagrams are always displayed correctly and allows you to define your own rules.

The history already shows you changes made to models. Now these changes are also shown recursively in the model trees and can also be filtered and sorted in the table. This makes it possible to view content changes (elements which have been removed, moved and added) to quickly and easily get an overview of changes to the model.

You can find all details about these changes and further changes in our official Innovator 16.0 Release info.
As an active Innovator customer, you can download Innovator 16.0 directly in our Customer Area.