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Innovator 14.1

As of April 02, 2019, you can download Innovator 14.1 from our website.
We’ve summarized the most important new features here for you at a glance.

New Service Offers for Innovator Customers

Invest your time where you can can profit from it the most: working with your models. Take advantage of the new full service packages available for Innovator customers and leave the annoying bits to us. Profit from our Software as a Service offer and use Innovator without having to install it locally or make any new investments, powered by us in our cloud data centers. We will provide Innovator as a virtual desktop application that can be used almost as if it were installed normally as software. You do not need to worry about a thing… let us take care of everything for you. Even if a cloud-based solution isn’t viable for you, we can still help. Our Application Management program takes care of all operational issues, such as installation, administration or configuration, directly on-site at your company. You can also take advantage of these offers even if you don’t have Innovator 14.1 yet. Just ask us how!

Completely Revised DMN 1.1 Support with Simulation

Enable and increase your company’s digital transformation by automating decisions within business processes. Innovator 14.1 now fully supports DMN Version 1.1 in Conformance Level 3. Use the full power and strength of expression provided by DMN to evaluate even the most complex of operational issues and add them to your processes as automated decisions. Tap your existing data mining and machine learning knowledge by combining predictive model markup language (PMML) functions. Simulate your decisions, even while you are modeling, to obtain even better results, faster.

Model Data Import and Export with Microsoft Excel

Benefit from existing information through simple and efficient data exchange with other people or systems. Use the new Excel Export feature to provide any model information in a structured form and even adopt changes in the model using Excel import. Excel Import allows you to easily create multiple model elements at the same time, e.g. as initial data import from a system involved. The import dialog will guide you through how to adopt your data into the correct element types and properties and will let you know of any possible issues that may occur before the import is carried out.

Improved Version Management and Remote Management

Modelers in your team can now use the client in Innovator 14.1 to create and manage new model versions themselves. As administrator or application manager, you can use the user administration to assign the necessary rights and set resource limits to ensure smooth operation. The administration program has many new ways to quickly and efficiently manage Innovator models without needing to log-in to the server computer locally. Another new feature is the option of assigning multiple extra symbolic names that can be used in links. For example, you can release links that will remain valid even if the original model version has changed.

Enterprise Architecture Modeling now with ArchiMate 3.1

Innovator 14.1 supports the latest ArchiMate 3.1 modeling standard. You can use it to depict your company’s value chain. You can now also profit from an integrated import and export for standard-compliant ArchiMate-XML documents. There have been several improvements made to details, such as mapping relationships to relationships. This enables you to map your company’s architecture precisely and efficiently in Innovator.

Systems Engineering with SysML

You can now use Innovator’s renowned capabilities to analyze and design your complex technical systems using SysML 1.5. Describe your system modules’ composition and structure using block definition diagrams and internal block diagrams. Specifically illustrate complex flows using sequence diagrams or state machines. Add textual requirements to provide a complete model of your system that is always complete and consistent for system development, test or documentation.

You can find all details about these changes and further changes in our official Innovator 14.1 Release info.