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Innovator 14.2

As of December 04, 2019, you can download Innovator 14.2 from our website.
We’ve summarized the most important new features here for you at a glance:

Improved Impact Analysis for Target Group-Oriented Evaluations

We have taken your feedback into consideration and our developers have completely overhauled and improved impact analysis for our December 4 Innovator 14.2 release. We have significantly enhanced our evaluation and configuration possibilities so that even the most complex model constellations can be dynamically evaluated according to specific target groups. You can use all model relationships when configuring analysis. It is also now possible to select a transitive display so that it is easier to understand the analysis graphs and select suitable colors and headers for clearly depicting your diagram content. Simply save your impact analysis as a diagram in the Innovator model to repeat analyses as often as required and make them available in Innovator for your colleagues. You can then access and use these analyses. Use impact analysis to examine effects a change will have before it is implemented, discuss this with stakeholders and eliminate any possible side effects.

Extended Search Options in the Innovator Model

Innovator 14.2 has many ways to search model content in a targeted manner. You can use this search to find model elements that are no longer in use when cleaning up the model. You can also find out which model elements are reused a lot so that you can rework them with this purpose in mind. You can then formulate even complex search expressions using a query language based on SQL. Use the editor with intelligent syntax integration and dynamic suggestion lists for even more precise and efficient search queries. You can also make stored searches available for all users throughout the models, meaning that each user can profit from the new query capabilities in your Innovator model.

Decision Automation with DMN 1.2

With its new release, Innovator supports the current DMN 1.2 standard for decision automation. You can now profit from the latest functions, such as decision services. You can also use the FEEL functions which have been enhanced and improved to enable effective modeling within your decision graphs. The integrated simulation function has also been extended. Type incompatibilities can now be verified before they are executed, and more test cases can be simulated in one batch. All this ensures that you can model your decision diagrams significantly quicker and more efficiently.

Numerous Improvements to Details for Proven Features

We have added both new features to this release as well as improved existing features. Modeling support has been extended for BPMN 2.0 and usability for models has been improved. You can now use both group and generic artifacts. The new concept also brings with it application configuration which can be stored directly in the model by users with the appropriate settings. Other users can then access and use them.

You can find all details about these changes and further changes in our official Innovator 14.2 Release info.