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Innovator 14.0

Innovator 14.0 was released July 31, 2018.
We’ve summarized the most important new features here for you at a glance.

Improved Version Management

Our new Innovator 14.0 release from July 31 brings with it a significantly improved version management. You can now manage and organize your model versions to suit you. Create new model versions with just a few clicks using the wizard and start or stop existing model versions at the touch of a button. You can overhaul your existing version hierarchy and create version trees using any structure and semantic. Wizards guide you through all important functions, from the initial creation of a version model, right the way through to changes in the hierarchy or creating back-ups.

Quicker Model Merging

We have improved the model merge function in Innovator. This starts with effective conflict recognition when comparing models, which enables quick and target-oriented transfer of changes between models. You can also use model elements which you have already grouped into change sets to accurately transfer individual and specialist further developments to a new model version. Merging has been made quicker and more efficient.

Extensive Database Support

Database options for DDL generation in the model editor has been completely overhauled. It is now even easier to set these for tables and columns to maintain a clear overview.

Innovator 14.0 also supports Exasol and PostgreSQL databases as standard. Use these connections for extensive support for your current and future Business Intelligence and information management projects.

Individually Customize Innovator

The new Innovator version now allows you to individually customize your Innovator modeling. Pre-installed extension points allow you to get started with the profile customization of your new Innovator models really easily. You can add new elements as well as prohibiting certain modeling constructs in your model in a targeted manner if you do not wish to use the full scope of a certain modeling language.

Modern User Interface

Innovator 14.0 has been given a fresh and modern user interface with the same look and feel as Windows® 10 and Office 365®. This makes use of Innovator even easier and more intuitive. Innovator newbies can easily get to grips with the software, leaving you with more time to concentrate on the unique range of functions Innovator provides. User efficiency and comfort have been improved, allowing you to work more efficiently. We would love to hear from you about how you like the “new” user interface.

You can find all details about these changes and further changes in our official Innovator 14.0 Release info.